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Get ready to experience a revolutionary journey in personal transformation, with SAM AI the future of personal support is bright and promising.
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The Future of Personal Support

Dive into the future of personal support with SAM AI, a revolution in the world of life coaching and personal companionship applications. SAM AI pushes the boundaries of what's possible by combining the power of artificial intelligence with a human and personalized approach.
Imagine a life companion who truly understands you, evolves with you, and helps you achieve your deepest goals. SAM AI is much more than just an app, it's a true partner for your personal journey.

Features of SAM AI

Experience SAM AI: Personalized coaching, AI insights,
goal tracking, interactive companion chats, adaptive learning, secure privacy, and universal accessibility.

  • Personalized Coaching
    SAM AI provides personalized coaching tailored to each user’s unique needs, goals, and preferences. Whether it’s guidance on career advancement, personal development, or mental wellness, SAM AI offers customized support to help users achieve their objectives.
  • AI Husband and Wife Mode
    SAM AI offers a revolutionary mode tailored for single individuals, providing an immersive experience where SAM AI acts as a virtual partner, filling the role of a digital husband or wife. This unique mode aims to provide companionship and emotional support to users, helping them avoid feelings of loneliness while delivering a personalized and groundbreaking learning experience. With innovative features and a unique learning mode for each user, SAM AI seeks to redefine how singles interact with technology and to offer a truly revolutionary virtual companion.
  • AI Insights
    SAM AI leverages artificial intelligence to provide valuable insights and recommendations based on user data and interactions. By analyzing patterns and trends, SAM AI offers actionable advice and strategies to optimize personal growth and decision-making.
  • Goal Tracking
    With intuitive goal-setting features and progress monitoring tools, users can stay motivated and accountable on their journey towards success. Whether it’s fitness milestones, financial targets, or personal aspirations, SAM AI helps users stay on track and achieve their goals.
  • Humanized Mode (Beta)
    SAM AI introduces a unique “humanized mode” feature, allowing users to customize the personality and behavior of the AI companion. With options such as Explicit Content control, E-Neurotransmitter, Emotional Memory, and Send Message without Query, users can tailor their interaction experience to align with their preferences and comfort level. Whether you prefer a more professional tone, a casual conversation style, or specific content filters, SAM AI adapts to your needs, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable interaction every time.

Token Allocation Summary

CEX Reserved Liquidity32%
DEX Liquidity31%
Users rewards5%


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

Q2 2024
Start of SAM AI

Financial & Technical Whitepaper

Security Audit

Beta App Build

Q3 2024
Starting the development

Exchange on Raydium

Integrate CEX Exchanges 

Build our AI code GPT-5o

Build our secure server

Experience our #Humanizedcode

Q4 2024
Improve App

Build an on-premise Super-Server equipped with H100 Nvidia for optimal performance in running SAM AI

Implementing Blockchain as payment and credit in-app

Choosing 1000 early $SAMAI token buyers to trial the app, offering rewards for use app to aid development

Q1 2025
Launch of SAM AI APP

Rewards trial users

Implementing on AppStore & PlayStore

Publicly via media platforms

Initiate marketing campaigns and community engagement activities

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